CLM Maturity Assessment

Welcome to the WCC and Elevate CLM Maturity Assessment

The main goal of this assessment is to check your organization's readiness to implement/find/adopt the right CLM tool. It should also help your organization see where you are on the journey to optimal performance when it comes to the CLM process.

The assessment itself takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, by answering ten simple questions, two from each CLM process phase:

Design/Evaluation  - Contract Request and Contract Repository

Assembly/Approval – Contract Templates and Clause Library

Negotiation – Contract Playbook and Contract Triage

Implementation – Contract Approval and Contract Signature

Performance – Contract Performance and Obligation Management

Once completed, we will send you a free tailored report showing your organization's maturity level and, based on your answers, recommend some guidelines and next steps.


Elevate & WCC team